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A New Eyeglasses Prescription

By Britney Gilmore

I am glad I am here, and I am glad that I am leaving. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees: money, lifestyles or trying to obtain some unrealistic standard of living. The trees obscure you finding yourself. Getting out of your comfort zone even for just a little while certainly makes being the woodcutter easier and viewing the entire forest a bit easier. When you’re lost in the trees, it isn’t easy to find the root of happiness.

My first day was like my second, and the second was like being 3 months in. Personalities haven’t fluctuated from day one. You may only know the poker face to be an expression for playing cards or the once Top 40s hit by Lady Gaga. No. It is a legitimate position to hold your face and is a standard office expression! Picture this: heads down, typing away like something out of movie. This poker face seems to be the norm for daily faces worn by most individuals here.

I think most college students are prepared for change. That’s why we go to college in the first place — to seek more opportunities in life. But sometimes it is like we are so excited and overly ready for change that we build up these images and high expectations of what we think we want to do. It’s the glitz and glam lenses that we are looking through. But from day one, I missed the university – my university.

Helping people, being helped and always learning…I love that life. Within the first few weeks, epiphany one hit me like a gust of wind. “Man I don’t belong here,” was the PG-13 version of my thoughts! I had been battling with several life decisions just as everyone seems to do when faced with crossroad-type decisions. Being a professor is my true dream, and I couldn’t see that through my previous ocular prescription. You have to be open to new things, but you cannot kid yourself. That adage: the heart wants what the heart wants is forever true.

Sometimes though we have to go through, to, and far off course to realize what it is that we truly want. Then once we figure it out, and it brings us rushing back. An internship is not only to learn about a business but to get to know ourselves a little bit better too. I, myself, have learned a few things:

1.) Everyone does not get to do something new every day. So be thankful if you do. It seems like challenges arise, you squash them and then you move on. I like the thought of ongoing challenges like getting someone from point A to graduation.

2.) You cannot do everything. College is like a utopia no matter how big or small it is. A place where you get to change your mind, major, advisor and dance with all the possibilities to make your educational experience what you want it to be. In the real world, you get into a niche and that is where you stay. People are always convinced that every workday is an adventure to them. What a delusion!

3.) Never focus on the “trees”. Do what makes you happy.

There are always obstacles with anything, but you have to face them to ever know.  Examining life through reality eyeglasses makes it much easier and personal. Not many people follow what they always thought they would do. I am proud to say that I am one of them. So for those of you who do not know what you want to be when you grow up…do not worry. You will in due time, if you take the chances that are presented and make your own decisions based on you and not the benefits and perks. I never thought I’d want to be in a classroom…but I belong there. That’s what is important to me.

What occupation and lifestyle is the best fit for your goals and personality? Every skill-set and talent does not have to be confined to a certain profession. Just because you like to draw does not mean you have to be an artist, if you know what I mean. If you do not get that statement now, take my word that one day you will understand me. Blinders do come off. Prescriptions do get revised. Personally, I am anxious to see what is next for me after the cubicle, but I am grateful for my time here, because in order for me to plan what comes beyond it, I needed to sit here first.


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