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Texas A&M-Texarkana Launches $1 Million Scholarship Contest


Relinda Ruth

Texas A&M-Texarkana is launching a $1 million scholarship contest for incoming freshmen and transfer students beginning in May. A massive campaign promoting the contest via radio broadcast, newspapers, E-mail, and Facebook is mounting. Anita and Truman Arnold invested an additional $1 million for scholarships to help shape the future of Texas.

The Arnolds presented $10 million to Texas A&M University-Texarkana in 2010 to establish the Anita and Truman Arnold Scholars Program. Their generous donation has influenced the lives of thousands of students.

“Students will be required to submit an essay and have a qualifying GPA,” Texas A&M-Texarkana’s Social Media Representative Jennifer Hickman said.

Financial need will not be a consideration. Essay submissions will determine the contest winners. An accompanying letter of recommendation will mean more money for students, according to Hickman.

The current Anita and Truman Arnold Scholars Program is designed to assist traditional and non-traditional students, as well as transfer students and is renewable. Leadership potential and a commitment to community service, as well as a high need for financial aid are determining factors in award recipients.

“The scholarship contest is big news for the campus. The $1 million scholarship contest will provide an opportunity for new students seeking a brighter future through education,”Hickman said.

The $1 million scholarship contest will begin in May and the deadline is June 15. Scholarships will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis.


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