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The Future Texarkana

By William Young

This place is about to blow up. That’s right. Texarkana is going to explode.

But don’t worry. The boom won’t be from an actual explosion. This is the kind of boom that comes from the rapid expansion of a growing city.  Source: Chris Litherland
Texarkana’s federal post office, located on Stateline Ave.

Texarkana has been getting bigger for years. In 2008, Texarkana was rated No. 2 on Forbes list of America’s Fastest-Growing Metropolitan Areas. But now the city is really on the move.

Firstly and perhaps most importantly, there is going to be a water park in Texarkana, Ark. The new business will be connected to a hotel and convention center. A water park in Texarkana means business and tourism, not to mention fun for the locals.

Most students around here will have one thing on their minds next year and its not finals. “The water park,” sophomore Danny Vera says, “will be a great thing for young people in Texarkana.” “I’ll be there every day.”

The water park is scheduled to open May 1, 2013, but that’s not the only new attraction. There is also the Texarkana Convention Center and Hilton Garden Inn, Texarkana’s first convention center.

Located on the Texas side of town, the new convention center will accommodate visitors with luxury. The Texarkana Convention Center will include in its “Hub” four places to eat, a ballroom and large patio area.

Last fall, a group of A&M-Texarkana students helped to give the convention center more of a Texarkana essence by attempting to brand the upcoming business with several options for a mission statement and logo. “We wanted to help brand the new business with it’s own Texarkana flair,” says mass communication senior Jon Mays. “We wanted to make it meaningful.”

However, convention centers are not the only thing flying into Texarkana. There are also plans to add another terminal to the already existing Texarkana airport, which would put more business into the already burgeoning Texarkana economy.

“The new terminal’s location will provide much improved access, space to expand in the future, all while imparting a very progressive image,” says airport director Stephen Luebbert.

Not only will the new terminal make access easier, beautify the airport and allow for more air travel, but it will also serve as an AMTRAK counter for rail passengers. This will make the Texarkana airport an attractive and convenient place for travel in the coming years.

Students all over the area are excited to see what Texarkana will blossom into. “I can’t wait to see what Texarkana looks like in a few years,” says mass communication senior Hope Francis. “I’m afraid I won’t recognize it.”

The future of Texarkana looks like the bomb. Maybe that’s why this place is exploding with awesomeness. Sooner than you think, T-town will be T-city.


One thought on “The Future Texarkana

  1. You know, I had forgotten you asked me about that. I was surprised to see my name on here. It’s going to be awesome, and something new for Texarkana. At ast something other than another McDonnalds or pizzeria is being built that everyone can enjoy

    Posted by Danny Vera | October 25, 2012, 3:53 pm

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