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A Review of Dixie Diner

By Dustin Nix


Location: 4115 North Kings Highway, Texarkana, TX 75503 (903) 223-0841

Reservations: Reservations available but not necessary

Price: $4.50 – $20.00 for menu items

Hours:  Monday – Sunday from 10:30 A.M. – 9:00 A.M.

Cuisine: Southern Cuisine

Student Discount Card: Buy 2 drinks & 1 Old South Dinner, get 1 Old South Dinner of equal or lesser value for ½ price.

The Review:

Dixie Diner is one of Texarkana’s many restaurants and has been around for quite some time. They specialize in southern cuisine, and every meal comes with cornbread and rolls. When you first walk into the restaurant, you immediately get an old school diner vibe. I immediately noticed that the booths as well as chairs need to be reupholstered or thrown out. They definitely need to replace their carpet with linoleum, tile or some other easily maintained flooring. My friend and I arrived around dinner time. There were not many people there, so we were immediately seated. After our waitress handed us our menus it became clear that their menus have not been updated in awhile, and they were in a bad condition. The menus were dirty and falling apart, and they were not very informative. There were a lot of items on the menu from chicken fried chicken to steaks; however, there was no adequate information on the menu about the items. We asked our waitress, “What is in the salmon croquet, and how are they prepared?” She did not know the menu very well. Unsure of preparation the waitress offered to request full details of the proper preparation for the salmon croquets. We started off our meals by ordering sweet tea, which tastes about as traditional as southern sweet tea can get. Upon placing our order, we received homemade corn bread and rolls. Both the corn bread and rolls were moist and buttery and clearly did not come from a box.

We received our meal in a decent amount of time, and our food was fresh and warm. I received the full order of the chicken fried steak with gravy alongside mashed potatoes and gravy, and Mac N’ Cheese. The full order consists of two chicken fried steaks, whereas the half order contains one. My chicken fried steak was good, but there was more breading than meat. Upon cutting my chicken fried steak, it became clear that the breading, while crispy and seasoned, came apart easily. The Mac N’ Cheese looked as if it had been pulverized and the texture was unusual; however, the taste was quite good. The mashed potatoes and gravy were clearly homemade and delicious. My friend received the half order of the chicken fried chicken, along with pinto beans and fried okra. The chicken fried chicken had the perfect amount of seasoning and breading. The gravy on the chicken fried chicken was flavorful. The pinto beans, however, were bland and under-seasoned. The fried okra had an excellent texture, great taste and the breading was crispy. Afterwards we ordered dessert. Our waitress returned with our checks and freshly prepared peach cobbler with bluebell vanilla ice cream on top. The peach cobbler was certainly delectable and there was more than we could eat. The peach cobbler had a wonderful crust. The flavor was excellent, but it was definitely too sweet to eat in one sitting. You certainly get your money’s worth in the amount of food, so you should not leave hungry. Overall, I would give the restaurant a 3 ½ star rating out of 5 stars.


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