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Editorial Column-The Neglected Horror Films

By Bethany Solomon

Every October the same movies are shown over and over again in celebration of Halloween. We are all guilty of renting or buying those movies, myself included. The networks are certainly to blame for it. Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street, and Dracula have been made the traditional Hallows Eve flicks; I would like to highlight some equally gory, disturbing, mysterious, and creepy films that you should give a chance this year.

 The Island of Dr. Moreau

Although there are two versions of this movie, I am requesting that you watch the 1996 remake starring Val Kilmer and Marlon Brando. It follows a character who finds himself on an island where the inhabitants have been turned into strange animal-human hybrid creations by the mad Dr. Moreau. H.G. Wells wrote the science fiction story in 1886. He was obviously ahead of his time. This film truly gives the atmosphere that the plot deserves.

 The Marsh

If you’re a fan of ghost movies, this movie you will love. The Marsh pulls in its viewers into a world of déjà vu, ghosts, and one of the most unexpected twists in horror movie history. Claire Holloway is a children’s’ book writer and illustrator. After seeing a house on television that she has dreamt about for years and has shown in her publications, she goes to the house hoping to receive some sort of clarification and is enveloped into a paranormal situation that gives her true identity.


1976 Strother Martin gave a performance in the science fiction horror movie Sssssss. David, a college student, lands a job as a lab assistant working with a scientist who is experimenting with snakes. By the end of the film, he knows more about snakes then he cares to know.

Skeleton Key

Another ghost story that should not be left out is Skeleton Key. Not only are there ghosts, but also hoodoo, Louisiana folk lore, and magic. It was made in 2005, and stars Kate Hudson, Gena Rowlands, and Peter Sarsgaard. It has a shocking ending that will freak you out!

 Wicker Man

The 2006 remake of Wicker Man, although not gory in nature, is creepy, scary, and brilliant to say the least. This film is great for anyone who does not like to see blood, but likes a good thrill anyway. It follows a city sheriff who travels to an island to investigate the missing daughter of a friend. The people of the island deny their knowledge of the girl’s existence, but it is obvious to lead character Edward Malus that they know more than they would have him to believe.

In Dreams

In this thriller, character Claire Cooper begins to have psychic connections with the kidnapper and killer of her daughter. Everyone is convinced that she is mentally sick, but she ultimately proves to them all that her visions are true.


This film shows an interrogation involving a mass murder. Flashbacks to the night of the murder and the way the plot is presented prevent the audience from knowing the identity of the killer until the very end of the film. It is truly suspenseful and bone-chilling, and has an ending that you will not see coming.


Made in 1990, this movie is truly unique. It shows medical students who conduct experiments that involve bringing themselves to near-death and then being revived. However, the experiment goes awry when they bring back life flashes they had while “in between worlds” into their current reality. It stars Kevin Bacon, Keither Sutherland, William Baldwin, Oliver Platt, and Julia Roberts.


A newlywed couple begins to experience paranormal activity shortly after being married and inhabiting their new home. The plot gives a moral of “all sins shall be punished.” It has an unbelievable twist and is scary without being too graphic.

Village of the Damned

Also a remake, 1995’s Village of the Damned shows the story of a small town whose world is turned upside down after an extraterrestrial entity places a spell over it, causing a clan of aliens to be born, posing as humans and controlling the population.

I hope that you will take some of these films in consideration when selecting what to watch during your Halloween scary movie marathons. They will entertain you, and bring you stories that are vastly different from the traditional scary movie.



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