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New Professor Added To The Faculty

By Ashley Morrow

The Texas A&M University-Texarkana Mass Communication department welcomes Dr. Drew Morton, who brings his interests for film and comics into the program. Having earned a bachelor’s from the University of Wisconsin and a doctorate from University of California in Los Angeles, Morton is working on his 6th year of teaching media studies.

In the Spring 2012 semester, Mass Communication students may look forward to experiencing Morton in any of the following courses: Photojournalism, Writing for Broadcast, Advanced Video Production, and Advanced Editing Layout and Design.

Prior to teaching, Morton originally planned to make films and screen plays until excellent media studies classes and professors revealed a different way of thinking about film and the media. “When I saw what the professors were doing to my brain, I thought, ‘I want to do this’. I want to make people more interested in film, to show different perspectives, and to see film not only for entertainment but as valued art,” says Morton. Aside from film, comics are one of Morton’s favorite subjects to teach. “I’m a Batman guy. I’m not a big super-hero fan,” Morton said. “I like Batman because he is not a superhero. He is realistic…just a rich guy who buys a lot of things.”

One of his most memorable moments took place while working on the Transmedia Hollywood Conference. He met and shook hands with Jeph Loeb, author of “Batman: The Long Halloween,” a piece that led into the love for comics.

Playing video games, watching movies, and reading comics are all hobbies that coincide with Morton’s work. Also, he writes movie criticisms and reviews on Cultural Transmogrifier. Morton considers teaching film his dream job, and a philosophy that he advises to students is, “Whether it is a job, a paper, or a major, pick something in which you have an investment and interest. Do what you love.”


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