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The Search For The New President

By Jesse Morrow

TEXARKANA, TEXAS—The search for the president is still in progress. While the search committee continues to collect a pool of candidates from which to choose our next president, Dr. Keith McFarland, who is currently retired from an eleven year presidential position at Texas A&M Commerce, has agreed to fill the vacant position until a candidate can be found. The administration hopes that a new president will be hired by December for the start of the new school year.

Before the position can be filled, the search committee is expected to narrow the list of potential candidates down to at least ten people. From there, a series of interviews will be conducted until between three and five candidates remain. At this time, which is expected to be close to Thanksgiving, the candidates will be asked to visit the campus and the faculty. The remaining candidates will be presented to the Chancellor who will then recommend his nomination to the board. The board will be responsible for negotiating with the candidate for the position.

When asked about the qualities that are most sought after in a potential candidate, McFarland suggests that the person should have the ability to comprehend the big picture and desire university expansion while at the same time displaying the intrapersonal skills and attention to detail necessary to ensure pleasant relations between faculty, staff, and students.

According to McFarland, every campus has a unique personality. Our campus is no exception. Several attractive qualities surround a position at the Texas A&M Texarkana campus. The university has great community support, the campus is brand new and continually developing, and as a member of the A&M system, our campus belongs to one of the finest school systems in the world.


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