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Articles, December 2012 Edition

A Healthier You

By Aylin Sozen

With the holiday season at its fine arrival it is typical for us imperfect human beings to put on undesired weight and for those of you who have a beneath dirt level metabolism, you should know exactly what it is I mean by this. Lucky for you and everyone else, this alternation of weight gain and body fat increasing does not have to exist if we stick to several simple steps that will help us keep the weight off to maintain our current weight and be healthier, happier people.

One of the very first concepts of this is to understand the divine purpose of exercise and that weight loss as well as muscle tone is at its peak when all muscle groups are balanced; this means that each muscle group receives the same amount of attention. Myth holds it that if we want nice bulky arms or tightly packed abs that it is best to focus on exercising these muscles until they are scorching in burning flames.

Wrong. Let’s try this again, with an equivalent regime of toe touches, leg lifts, sit-ups, bicep curls, dips, shoulder presses, squats, and chest presses as to 20 to 30 minutes of cardio, you will find yourself feeling fine and looking fine.

When we set different days for different muscle groups or simply set a day to take part in intense circuit training we are allowing our muscles to receive the rest they need just in time to put some stress on the alternating muscles.

Initially, when we’re speaking in weight loss “lingo”, exercise is put forth to speed up the process. If one does not eat a health enriched diet, gym time becomes inefficient and you’ll notice this as you stare into the mirror flexing deflated muscles, wondering why it as if someone has poked your whole body with a needle like a little mischievous kid does to balloon at a birthday bash.

When consuming food consider the fact that there is a fine line differentiation between bad carbs and good carbs. Those bad carbs can be defined as carbohydrates that exist through fried foods, pastas, and pastries. In a more broadened aspect most foods that are not some substance of whole wheat are the ones that cause the ruckus.

Keep in mind, one’s energy comes from a good source of carbohydrates so it is important that we are able to identify what a good carb is. Our best source of proteins and carbs can be found in lean meats such as chicken breasts, tuna, and turkey. When our nutrient intake is fresh and full of green there is a spark in energy as well as a boost in confidence.

At last, finding your inner-self leads to an overall positive physical health and as you begin to build an essential connection with who you are, your overall outlook and scope of actions as well as thoughts increase in positivity. Take note that at this point one will have more of a desire to be efficient at whole: mind, body, and spirit. All three of the concepts fall in congruency with one another.

The aspects mentioned are highly important in order to maintain a healthy mind and body, both very powerful weapons to have. We have a tendency to feel better about ourselves if and when everything else is in sync. So if you’ve thought about making a change, why not do it now (and come the New Year you’ll be an overall better you)?

When we are healthy, we look healthy, and feel happy. Therefore, this is the perfect time to indulge in healthful eating, soul searching, and exercise seeking.


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