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Articles, December 2012 Edition

Greek Life

Texas A&M University-Texarkana has everything any average student or incoming freshman would like a new campus, professors & instructors that will have time for you, a diverse group of students and clubs but there is one thing that seems to be missing on the campus of A&M University –Texarkana… Greeks!

The question of why don’t we have a full Greek life here on campus has been on many students mind this school year. When talking to Robyn Bailey; Senior; believes that Greek Life will bring more students to our campus and will get more students involved in campus activities. Bailey also said, “It will also teach students responsibility and build leadership”.

Most students believe that there isn’t a Greek Life at all on the campus of A&M University-Texarkana but that is not all the way true. Celeste McNiel; Coordinator for Student Engagement and Activities; says, “We do have Greek Life, in a very limited form, on campus right now.  We currently have a fraternity colony for Phi Lambda Chi.  The next step in their process is to actually have an official “chapter” chartered on our campus.  We also have a chapter that is currently inactive of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.  Zeta Phi Beta started their chapter on our campus about 12 years ago but has not since had the membership to sustain it on the collegiate level.  The local graduate chapter is still very active and several of our students are a member of that chapter.”

With the growth of A&M University-Texarkana you would think it will be simple to charter a chapter of different fraternities and sororities like Sigma Chi Fraternity Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., or Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority Inc. on campus but that is far from the case. McNiel says, “It is difficult to get a national organization to invest in starting a chapter here because we do not have a lot of data to support how these organizations would thrive.”

Some of the students are getting distress and think that getting a full operating Greek life on campus is just a dream, but there is something that the students can do to help the process move along. McNiel says students can organize themselves; “We can start a Greek letter “social club” and operate as a student organization for a while and then when we’re proven to be a stable organization (that can recruit, operate, sustain itself, etc.) we can approach a national organization for recognition.  Or if we had a few members that were already members of an organization and could recruit enough students, get support from local alumna, and would be willing to make contact with the national or regional headquarters as well it would go a long way.  Bottom line is getting more fraternities and sororities are going to be difficult until we can prove that we are a safe investment.  So, our job is to prove that we are.”

So the answer to the question of why we don’t have a full Greek life on the campus of A&M University-Texarkana does not just need to come from the schools administration but from the student body as well. By working together Greek life will be in full effect in no time.


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