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Articles, December 2012 Edition

What to wear and what not to wear for the holidays

‘Tis the season too look your best! As the holiday season comes upon us looking great and staying warm is a necessity. Follow these simple rules to maintain your status as the belle of the ball at any holiday party. 

-Do not be traditional. Stray away from the expected reds and greens and venture into the unknown dare zone. Trash the plaid. Looking like a Santa-fied lumberjack is not and will never be acceptable. Instead of wearing red and green wear purple, gold, and cream.

 Wear sequins.

A little sparkle does not have to be reserved for New Years. A sequined top in a silver or gold is always a head turner. Dress with personality. Now is the time to pull out the feather trimmed coats and sequined tops. Let your wardrobe reflect the mood of the season. These tops look great worn under a solid color of your choice blazer and add excitement to any outfit. Pair it with a nice dark pair of jeans and voila instant fabulosity. 

-Do not over accessorize. True the season calls for a bit more glitz and glam, but it is not ok to blend into the ornaments. Less is more.

Whiten your smile.

With all the food and beverages sure to be on every fashionistas table it can be harsh on your number one accessory–your smile. If purchasing a box of whitening strips is too much simply brushing your teeth with a whitening tooth paste will do the trick. Aqua Fresh toothpaste with whitening power is a personal favorite. It taste much better than whitening strips and whitens your teeth several shades brighter within a month.

Enjoy yourself!

‘Tis the season to be jolly after all. Surround yourself with loved ones and bask in the cheerful mood of the season. 

Follow these tips and you are sure to gain a spot in the fashionista hall of fame. Happy holidays from my closet to yours.


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